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Professional Document Shredding Service in West New York, NJ

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Do you run a small business that deals with a lot of paperwork? Are you an individual with filing cabinets full of personal documents, ranging from bank statements to passports? Are you confused about what to do with all of this material, and how to dispose of it properly? If so, we’ve got just the document shredding service for you.

At Time Shred, we provide high-quality, secure, and timely document shredding services for individuals and businesses in West New York, NJ, and throughout Hudson County. Regardless of whether your job is big or small, we’re here to help you handle it.

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Shred All of Your Documents at Once

Who wants to waste hours sifting through documents to determine what you can throw away and what you need to shred? The fact is, this approach is time-consuming, difficult, and ineffective, since you’re likely to make a mistake and throw away a document with sensitive information, anyway.

At Time Shred, we save you all the time and inconvenience associated with that approach by just allowing you to shred it all.

Since our paper shredding trucks can destroy 6,000 lbs. of papers each hour and each of our document shredding bins holds 300 lbs. of paper, we make it easy to mass-shred all of your unwanted paperwork and cut the time you spend to a fraction of what it would take with a personal shredder.

Ideal for anyone with a high volume of unwanted personal paperwork, Time Shred is the fastest, most secure, and most efficient document shredding service available for individuals and businesses alike.

You don’t have to have a lot of documents to benefit from our professional document shredding service.  We will come to shred one box if that is all you have.  Not job is too big or to small for Time Shred Services.

Be Good to the Environment: Help Time Shred Recycle

If you’re throwing your paperwork away, it’s not doing anything but sitting in bags at the dump. If you shred it with our paper shredding services, however, you’re doing a responsible thing for the environment while also ensuring that nobody gets ahold of your personal information.

At Time Shred, we recycle all of the paper we shred, and each ton we recycle saves 17 trees. This allows us to save thousands of trees every year, and reduce the burden on area landfills.

With Time Shred, it’s easy to be a responsible environmental citizen while also ensuring that you’re destroying your unwanted paperwork in a way that complies with both federal and state privacy laws.

What to do When the Shredding Truck Arrives

When the paper shredding truck arrives, all you need to do is point out which documents you’d like destroyed. You can simply dump them into a box or bag and our shredding technicians will take it from there. When they arrive at your property, they’ll transfer your unwanted documents into a shredding bin under your supervision. The shredding bin will be locked and, from there, they’ll take it out to the curb, where they’ll load it into an automatic system that lifts it up and dumps it into our truck’s waiting shredder.

Once that’s done, you can watch the shredding of your documents on an external monitor mounted to our paper shredding trucks. It’s fast, simple, and effective.

To learn more about Time Shred or to take advantage of the best paper shredding services in West New York, NJ, contact Time Shred today!

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Client Testimonials

"I was skeptical about anyone handling my private documents. The customer service agent put me at ease after explaining I could watch my documents being destroyed within the truck. The driver was prompt and very professional. Great value. Great service. These guys were the best!"

-Wayne Cummings

"Phenomenal service! They were prompt, courteous, professional and made the process convenient to my schedule. I would highly recommend their services."

-Tanaysha Wilson


"My Experience with Time Shred has been stellar. Their staff is diverse, reliable and professional. I strongly recommend Time Shred for any document needs." 

-Hector Rolon


"Have used their services for years, they are always prompt and efficient. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for these services."

-Chris Jones

"I was moving so I had a lot of old papers to get rid of. I called Time Shred and they explained everything, gave me a price and they came the next day. Their guy was great. My papers were shredded fast and the price was what they quoted me. Great service!!"
-James Longarelli
"I just had a wonderful experience with Time Shred, Smithtown NY. The salesperson (John) was very professional and informative. But I was even happier when the truck showed up on time and got the work done quickly!"
-Regina Fanelli-Everdean
"Great service. The uniformed men were at my door 8:30 am, earlier than were expected. They were courteous and expeditious. Time Shred's pricing was the best after calling around the city. I recommend using Time Shred for all shredding needs."
-Kings Health Mart Pharmacy

"Timely professional service. We've been using them since we started shredding our old files and have been extremely happy. No games, no excuses, no flops. The receive the order, process, show up on time, do the job quietly and in a very professional manner. Pricing is fair and competitive. I'd give them 10 out of 10."


"We have used Time Shred for 5 years for all our shredding needs. They show up normally the same day and are very reasonably priced. We highly recommend using them."

-George Schmidt